The band Interitus originates in spring 1993 in Pilsen. After almost two year searching of name, suitable musicians …(you know it) it was called Interitus. During the following period members of the band met and practised but in public they appeared rather seldom. In autumn of 1996 Interitus had an forced break because of leaving of some members including the bandmaster. There stayed only Vraník (drummer), Vítek (viola player) and Ioannes (singer) who was the only one of them who stood at birth of the band so he became the new bandmaster.

During next about 12 months Interitus found some new members (flute player, keyboard player, another guitar player). In this formation the group made and practised some new material and in spring 1998 was this material immortalized on the first demo called Interitus 1998. After launching of the platter, where a new bass player played for the first time (till that time the group played without a bass player in concerts and on the platter it was recorded by Ioannes), appeared some new rehearsal rooms, the band changed drummer, the girl playing the flute and as a new member singer (a girl). In this formation the band recorded the first official album called Deborah in Avik studio in spring of 2000.

During the years 2000 – 2002 the band played everywhere in the Czech republic at clubs and festivals. All edition of Deborah was sold out, so the band decided to record another one, now we can say no fewer succesful album called The heart of king. Some members of course changed and compared to Deborah album an automatic drummer (programmed by Ioannes) appeared on The heart of king. The band returned to its black and white make-up which emphasizes a live stage show.

On 11.7.2002 the heart……. The heart of king resounded in the club Pod lampou in Pilsen. It was the day when the band launched its new CD and began its tour not only about the Czech republic.

In 2002 a small crisis appeared when three members left the group (flute player, keyboard player and a guitar player). The crisis was warded off soon and a new keyboard player Andrea came. The band played with just one guitar and without a flute. A new stuff was prepared for this „five-member orchestra“. In spring the band began playing with the live drummer again which made the band better again. For spring of 2004 the band prepared recording of a new album

The year 2004 .. we are looking forward